Gah! Busyness…

September 24, 2007 at 3:41 am (Uncategorized) ()

I have been so busy lately with tons of different things, ranging from the important to the non-important.  I currently co-own a fansite with my friend, for a band, I have another myspace for signs and graphics that I haven’t checked in a little while, I have my OWN myspace, I go on the panic! at the disco boards, I go on facebook, I have aim, email, and most important, church, school, and work.

I’ve been going to the reading lab at a community college to help me with my trig cause I basically fail at life when it comes to that.  I got a D on my first math test.  Strict teacher.  Hard grader.  No fun-o.
I missed a lot of questions on my econ quiz, but I’m enjoying my book for speed reading.  It’s called TAMAR and it’s just published this year.  Very good story.

In fact I’ve been so busy it’s taken me two days to finish this update.  I mean, I can’t really say I’m busy.  Cause if I took away all the “extra”, I’d be pretty open.  So I suppose I can’t claim that I’m busy.  But I am somewhat.  Gosh I don’t know.

 But there’s always that cup of iced raspberry frapp that just makes that all go away…


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