The Silent Sentence

September 18, 2007 at 4:00 am (Uncategorized)

Plain and simple, short but sweet, I love to write.  I have come to love one simple sentence in my speed reading book.  Probably the last place you would expect to find it.  “Words are thoughts”.  It just struck me so…it just seems kind of reserved, simple, silent.  In fact it made it to my headline on myspace, included with a heart.  The silent sentence sure beats the first sentence in my econ book for chapter 2.  Word for word, no joke: “Why are you reading this book right now rather than doing something else?”.  You tell me.

So the “silent sentence” as it will henceforth be called, has been engraved, stuck in my memory.  It’s just so true.  Words ARE thoughts.  My heart is my hand and my pen is my mind.  

I find myself writing words down that I like, possibly to look up later for meaning or to include in a lyric piece.  Words like, fractel, exorbitant, decremental, or subquatrinary.  Or I might think of a word and not even know if it exists (suspise, orly?).  I also might get random sentences in my head (Obsessing over humble anitrocities, I found the reason of over”).

So yes.  I think you’ve grasped the gist of the silent sentence.


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